Suranadi Temple in Narmada Sub-District, West Lombok Regency - Indonesia

One of the reasons to visit Lombok Island is none other than the grandiose mountain called Rinjani. However, not all tourists are aware of the presence of a holy temple called Suranadi. As the name suggests, it is located in Suranadi Village and belongs to Narmada Sub-District, West Lombok. Here is the fact. The temple is part of Suranadi Natural Park as visitors can find a lush forest to explore too on the site. Still, the temple becomes the main attraction of the site and it often attracts outsiders who want to learn its history and conduct photography! What is more?

The Nuance
The interesting thing is that Suranadi temple is not the only shrines that people can find in Lombok. However, it is considered the most famous one as compared to the others due to its strategic location and many tour agencies often include it in Rinjani tour package. Not only it is a holy place, but the temple offers a serene atmosphere and it is located in the midst of pristine environment as well. On top of that, nearby facilities are available including inns and food vendors.

Exploring Suranadi Temple
In a nutshell, Suranadi Temple becomes a place to conduct religious rituals especially among Hindu People of Lombok. However, due to its comfortable atmosphere, the temple starts attracting people who want to enjoy sightseeing and relaxation. Not to mention there are several natural springs (5 of them) called Pancaksara or Panca Tirtha. It is said the water contains God’s Blessing and the locals often use it to perform rituals regularly. Despite located separately, the springs are considered the one in terms of function.

Tourists also need to know some facts regarding Suranadi Temple. One of them is related to the name. According to the locals, Suranadi means “the river of the Gods”. It is said a holy man with his comrades came to the site and took a rest for a while back then. This man plugged his wand to the ground in 5 different locations and magically water sprout well! Not many villagers know this legend, though. So, as for tourists, it is better to come with a reliable local guide to get further information regarding the history of the temple.

Aside from the history and nuance, the temple becomes a good location to enjoy photography. The structure is unique and it features several ornaments that are worth a photo shoot. However, all visitors must not cause troubles during the visit. Also, littering is quite prohibited as the temple is considered sacred! Have no worries. Visitors are allowed to eat snacks and enjoy drinks as long as they take care of the trash later.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Mataram City, a trip to Suranadi Temple takes about 45 minutes. It is because the distance between the capital of Lombok and Narmada Sub-District is 19.6 km. The trip can be faster, though. As long as tourists take Gora 2 Street and use the right vehicle, they can get to the site in no time.

Where to Stay

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  • Lombok Plaza Hotel
  • Ratih Hotel
  • Maktal Hotel

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