Bale Dalem Waterfall in Sambelia Sub-District, East Lombok Regency - Indonesia

Not many travelers realize that Rinjani Mountain owns several beautiful waterfalls for them to explore. One of them is called Bale Dalem and it belongs to Sambelia Sub-District. Despite its status as a new vacation destination in East Lombok Regency, the waterfall keeps luring every day. Thanks to its pristine nuance and unspoiled nature. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful holiday either alone or with their families. The site also becomes a good destination to enjoy short trekking or adventure as tourists need to pass through a forest and river in order to get to the location.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the site features unspoiled nature with dense trees and challenging landscape. Despite the fact, the atmosphere is quite comfortable and peaceful. Once they get to the site, they would be amazed by the size and beauty of the waterfall! It is quite tall and the water flows continuously. Instead of falling freely, it flows slowly on the cliff. The fact is that tourists are not able to climb it due to its impossible setting. As an alternative, they can simply conduct sightseeing and photography there.

Exploring Bale Dalem Waterfall
The only weakness of Bale Dalem Waterfall is its unpopularity. Only several passionate travelers are aware of its location and keep promoting it to others. This way, hopefully, the waterfall becomes more famous over time and gets more visitors as the time goes by. It is because the trip would be quite interesting! First, before reaching the waterfall, tourists should drop by in nearby coffee shops and enjoy some of such soothing beverage with friends or families (the recommended one is the Inaq Sifa’s). The taste of the local coffee is quite enjoyable, after all.

From the local coffee shop, the next journey is trekking to Bale Dalem Waterfall. During the adventure, tourists might see several natural attractions including local farms, trees, rivers, etc. These objects are worth a photo shoot, so do not forget to carry a camera when visiting the site. As for the route, it is considered easy but hiring a local guide is a good choice. With his help, this journey becomes more efficient and fun for sure.

The best time to visit Bale Dalem Waterfall is in the morning due to its refreshing atmosphere. Not to mention the environment feels more peaceful at the time. After arriving at the site, the sound of gurgling water and songs of the birds accompany visitors. Plus, the majestic waterfall may amaze them right away! Later, tourists must find a good spot to build the tent for camping (especially those who want to spend a night at the site).

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to get to Bale Dalem Waterfall, tourists need to spend a trip for about 3 hours. It is because the distance between Mataram City and Sambalia Sub-District is 112 km. As for the faster trip, they must take Raya Mataram – Raya Bayan Street. Also, they must come with good stamina as they need to conduct short trekking later.

Where to Stay

  • Rinjani Lodge
  • Funny Homestay
  • Rinjani Garden
  • Sembalun Agro Villa

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