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When exploring Rinjani Mountain, tourists should not forget to visit a beautiful waterfall called Penimbungan. The location is in Sajang Village and it belongs to East Lombok Regency. Actually, the waterfall is also accessible from Torean Trail despite the more challenging route for tourists to take. The waterfall usually becomes a place for resting and sightseeing among trekkers before they continue their adventure, actually. Aside from that, it is somehow suitable for photography or those who want to get rid of stresses.

The Nuance
Penimbungan Waterfall is located on 3726 meters above the sea level. No wonder, it features cold nuance and refreshing atmosphere. It takes about 2 hours to get to the location from Torean Trail, so visitors should come with a good stamina before heading to the site. The best feature of the waterfall is definitely the background, which is Rinjani Mountain. As for the water, it is quite strong and swift. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get near to the falls due to its dangerous landscape. That means tourists can only witness its beauty from afar, considering the safety aspect.

Exploring Penimbungan Waterfall
Penimbungan Waterfall is part of Torean Trail, so trekkers would be able to encounter the falls during trekking. Now wonder, Torean becomes more popular among hikers due to the presence of the waterfall. The location is at 1200 meters above the sea and it has the height of 100 meters! This explains why the site is quite foggy especially in the morning. Not to mention the temperature is cold and refreshing. Due to these facts, the site is suitable to find peace and enjoy relaxation.

Unfortunately, taking a bath and swimming are prohibited there. The reason is none other than the swift and strong flow of the water, which is quite dangerous. Also, the access is difficult and risky. Thus, it is better to stay safe and enjoy the beauty of Penimbungan Waterfall from afar. Moreover, photography is a good activity for tourists to do in such location as many natural features are available including the views of mountains, lush trees, etc. Pay attention to your steps, though. The landscape is slippery and it features steep cliff.

For those who want to visit Penimbungan Waterfall, they need to undergo a short trekking for sure. From Torean Village, it takes some time to get to the location so tourists need to prepare everything beforehand including hiking shoes, foods, bottled water, and other equipment. If necessary, they need to hire a porter who would give the direction in an efficient manner. Do not worry about the fee as it is worth the expense.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Mataram City, they need to take Raya Mataram – Labuan Lombok Street to get to Sajang Village in East Lombok Regency. This trip may take around 2 hours and 30 minutes as the distance is 97.1 km. Have no worries. It is going to be fun!

Where to Stay

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  • Sembalun Lodge

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