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Not all travelers are aware of the presence of Sebau Hot Spring in Lombok Island. Well, it is because the popularity is not that impressive so the number of visitors is considered low. Despite the fact, the hot spring remains as a recommended site for those who visit East Lombok Regency so no one should miss the chance to drop by during holidays. Being one of the attractions located in the feet of Rinjani Mountain, it offers relaxing water and peaceful nuance to visitors! The location is in Sapit Village and it belongs to Suela Sub-District.

The Nuance
Here is the fact. Sebau Hot Spring has not been an official tourist spot yet, but it keeps attracting more visitors every day. In terms of size, the hot spring has the depth of about 70 cm and it can accommodate up to 20 people. The width is around 2 x 3 meters, actually. Before reaching the site, tourists may find a gate and they must walk about 2 km to get to the location. The hot spring is surrounded by grasses and there are some old gazebos (barugak) near to it.

Exploring Sebau Hot Spring
The base of Sebau Hot Spring features pebbles and sand so the color of the water looks dark and unsightly. Despite the fact, it doesn’t stop tourists to get in it and enjoy such relaxing experience. In terms of temperature, it is around 35-50 Celsius degree. With this heat, the water indeed emits unpleasant odor due to the high concentration of sulfur. Once again, it does not stop visitors to enjoy the hot spring during the visit.

Here is the thing. Visitors should walk about 1 hour from the gate to the hot spring. Have   no worries. The route is easy due to the presence of path. Another fact is that tourists are allowed to carry a tent and other camping requirements to spend a night near to the hot spring. In this case, it is recommended to ride a motorbike to get the location instead of walking. Only those who want to conduct camping are allowed to ride a motorcycle, though. As for further rules, visitors should ask the guards first.

Not to only Sebau Hot Spring is suitable for relaxation, but it also offers good effects to the health. The locals even believe it can eradicate skin diseases and rheumatics! Not to mention the nuance feels so peaceful, accompanied by black monkeys seen on nearby trees. One thing, make sure to take care of the environment by not littering or causing problems on the site.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Pengasingan Hill

How to Get There
From Mataram City, tourists should get to Suela Sub-District first. The trip takes around 2 hours and the distance is 72.2 km. Also, it is better to take Raya Mataram – Labuan Lombok Street for a faster trip. Next, they must head directly to Sapit Village. As for the tip, hiring a tour guide is a good choice especially for those who never come to Lombok Island before.

Where to Stay

  • Soedjono Inn
  • Lembah Rinjani Villa
  • Green Hayaq Hotel

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