Pelawangan Field in Sembalun Sub-District, Lombok Island - Indonesia

The most common reason to visit Lombok Island is indeed to conduct an adventure in Rinjani Mountain. Aside from trekking, tourists can explore nearby natural attractions like Pelawangan Sembalun Field. In fact, it becomes many people’s reason to visit Rinjani. Not to mention it is one of the trekking routes for tourists to choose aside from Pelawangan Senaru Field. What makes it different, though? It offers a longer trek than others, so everyone can take their time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and any available natural lures up there.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Pelawangan Sembalun Field is merry especially during holidays. Some campers are seen on the site and a savanna resides beautifully up there. Not to mention the size is quite vast and visitors can see Segara Anak Lake clearly during trekking in this field. As mentioned earlier, it features a longer trekking route as compared to Pelawangan Senaru Field. Another unique feature of the field is the presence of everlasting flowers called Edelweiss. In the afternoon, the atmosphere becomes more romantic and the temperature becomes much cooler than before. At night, beautiful stars decorate the sky and astonish any trekkers who decide to camp there.

Exploring Pelawangan Sembalun Field
The fact is that Pelawangan Field becomes one of the checkpoints before reaching the top of Rinjani Mountain. Thus, trekkers can decide whether they continue their trip or not, depending on their capabilities and stamina. Still, before that, everyone should gather in Sembalun Village first. It is the place where they can prepare the equipment and supplies before going up to the field, after all. A trip from the village to the site takes several hours so it requires much energy too. For those carrying lots of items, it is recommended to hire a porter to help them take care of those heavy belongings.

Once arriving at Pelawangan Sembalun Field, trekkers may meet other hikers who have already built a tent. In this case, they should find a good spot soon before other trekkers come to the site. Usually, the site becomes much crowded on the weekends and holidays. Another fact is that it is a more popular camping site than that of Pelawangan Senaru Field.

The best attraction in Pelawangan Sembalun Field is indeed the sunrise. Moreover, a wonderful view of Bali’s Agung Mountain can be seen clearly from the site (as long as there is no fog). Despite the fact that the site is suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers, everyone should have prepared several things before going up. These include walking shoes, extra clothes, sun block cream, a flashlight, foods, etc.

Nearby Attractions

  • Rinjani Garden
  • Siwa Hill
  • Rinjani Trekking Center
  • Bamboo Park
  • Savanna Trail
  • Ceper Stone

How to Get There
To be exact, Pelawangan Sembalun Field is located in Sembalun Lawang Village. From Mataram City, travelers need to spend around 90.4 km. That means the trip may take around 2-3 hours to get to the village. Later, it requires a short trekking as well to reach the field.

Where to Stay

  • Rinjani Lodge
  • Soedjono Inn
  • Mas Mas Bungalows

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