Sendang Gila Waterfall in Senaru Village, Rinjani Mountain, Lombok Island - Indonesia

There are many reasons to visit Lombok Island and one of them is to explore its beautiful waterfalls. For example, tourists can find Sendang Gila Waterfall in Senaru Village, located near to the gate of Rinjani Mountain National Park. The site offers both beautiful landscape and fresh air to visitors, which is suitable to get rid of mental block and stresses. Other reasons to visit Sendang Gila are to enjoy its refreshing water and hear the peaceful sound of gurgling water. Regardless of the reason, travelers should never miss the chance to drop by!

The Nuance
In terms of region, the waterfall belongs to Bayan Sub-District (North Lombok Regency) and it resides in a strategic location. The water comes from the natural spring of Rinjani Mountain and it feels so revitalizing! Plus, it has a moderate height and emits an amazing aura. The green cliffs surround it and a small river flows below. Overall, these features combine into one and may hypnotize everyone who comes to the site! Here is another fact. The atmosphere even feels better both in the morning and afternoon.

Exploring Sendang Gila Waterfall
The best time to get to Sendang Gila Waterfall is in the morning when the air feels so comforting. Once tourists get to the location, they can see such majestic waterfall right away having the height of about 30 meters. One thing, visitors should pay the entrance fee before they can explore the site. Regarding the price, it varies depending on times and occasions but it is relatively cheap for everyone. More money can be spent on a local guide, actually. This person would show the best route to get to the waterfall and he would tell a story behind such beautiful natural attraction.

According to the locals, Sendang Gila derives from Singa Gila or the Mad Lion. Why is that? It is said the founder was a hunter who looked for a mad lion in the middle the forest. He accidentally found such beautiful waterfall during the chase and told other villagers regarding its presence. As the time went by, the site became a place for tourists to explore during the holiday in Lombok Island. Isn’t it interesting?

Here is the thing. Before reaching the falls, visitors should pass through hundreds of stairs, which is considered tiring. Have no worries. It is worth the effort as tourists can enjoy stunning falls later. In order to minimize the tiredness, they must come anytime except at noon. The heat of the sun makes it more burdensome to reach the site, after all. Also, make sure to get in the water and enjoy bathing once arriving. Somehow, it helps replenish stamina.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Rinjani Trek Center

How to Get There
From Mataram City, travelers can simply head to Senaru Village in North Lombok Regency. The distance is 84 km so the trip may take about 2 hours. As for a faster trip, it is better to take Raya Mataram – Raya Bayan Street.

Where to Stay

  • Soedjono Inn
  • Rinjani Lodge
  • Senaru Cottages

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