Trekking to the Peak of Rinjani Mountain in Lombok Island - Indonesia

When it comes to a vacation in Lombok Island, tourists should consider visiting Rinjani Mountain. Well, it is suitable for those who love trekking after all. The peak of the mountain offers splendid views of nature including the nearby lake, mountains, clouds, and flawless sky. Despite the fact that trekkers should spend some stamina and time to get to the top of the mountain, they would get an unforgettable experience there. Not to mention the air feels so soothing and helps them to get relaxed during hiking. Anyway, there are some important facts they need to know before exploring the mountain. Read more here.

The Nuance
Here is the common fact regarding Rinjani Mountain. It is the second tallest volcano in Indonesia and has been chosen as one of the best sites for trekking. The mountain resides on 3726 meters above the sea level and features 5-star trekking routes for everyone to explore, including both beginners and professionals. Another important fact is that the peak of the mountain has no trees at all, so visitors can only gravels, hard-textured sand, and rocks on the site. Despite this fact, the scenery looks the best from up there.

Exploring the Peak of Rinjani Mountain
Witness the breathtaking scenery is the main reason why many people are heading to the Peak of Rinjani Mountain. However, other people have distinct reasons for trekking. For example, they want to get blessed by the Goddess who is said living there. In fact, Sasak Tribe and Hindu people consider Rinjani as a spiritual mountain! As for beginners, though, they need to learn some information before performing trekking. At least, they should have hired a local guide who would provide a direction and tips regarding the routes.

Before going up to the peak of the mountain, the first thing to do is to visit Sembalun Village (the checkpoint for trekking). Also, it is better to have prepared supplies beforehand. Once they get to the village, they can start trekking along with other tourists. The route is easy, and their first encounter is the vast exotic savanna. Next, they may encounter the majestic rainforest and hills before reaching the peak. Not to mention they are going to pass through the third post, where they can relax for awhile. They are even allowed to build a tent and sleep on the site before heading to the site.

In the next morning, the trekking continues. This time, they are going to pass through steep hills called “Bukit Penyiksaan”. The locals named it that way due to its challenging and tiring landscape, actually. Have no worries. This is is a worthy effort, as they would get the rewards once they reach the peak of the mountain. These include the jaw-dropping scenery and relaxing atmosphere. As if, the tiredness goes away instantly due to such beauty of nature!

Nearby Attractions

  • Rinjani Garden
  • Pusuk Sembalun Park
  • Mangku Sakti Waterfall
  • Tiu Kelep Waterfall
  • Telaga Mountain

How to Get There
From Mataram City (the capital of Lombok), travelers can directly head to Sembalun Village. This trip takes approximately 3-4 hours, depending on the type of vehicle they use. From the village, they can start trekking to the Peak of Rinjani Mountain. Make sure to do it in a group, though.

Where to Stay

  • Rinjani Lodge
  • Pesona Bulan Baru Hotel
  • Werdhi Guest House

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