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Almost all travelers acknowledge the beauty of Rinjani Mountain National Park in Lombok Island. After all, it consists of tons of variety of natural attractions even some small islands (Gili). One of them is called Lawang Island and it belongs to East Lombok Regency. Many tour agents even include it in the package of Rinjani Mountain tour as the location is considered near. Despite the small size, the island offers a pristine beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Thus, it becomes a perfect destination for lessening after conducting tiring activities in Rinjani Mountain. Somehow, it suits for photography as well.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Lawang Island is indeed small having the length of about 3.5 km. In the southeast part, tourists can even find a neighboring island called Sulat. The distance between these islands is only 500 meters so visitors are likely to explore both of them during the visit. Unlike other small islands (Gili) of Lombok, Lawang has an unspoiled nature and no facilities reside on it. It is famous for its eco-tourism value and the corals look so stunning there.

Exploring Lawang Island
Even though the island is not quite big, it features an amazing environment for tourists to explore. Unlike its neighboring island, Sulat, Lawang Island is more peaceful and offers more comfortable nuance for relaxation. Still, it shares a similar characteristic to Sulat, which is the presence of mangroves. However, the number of birds is low so it is a little bit boring for some people. Moreover, the size of these mangroves is not quite vast, though, as compared the ones in Sulat Island. 

The next impressive feature of Lawang Island is the beach with its white sand. This area becomes tourists’ favorite place to enjoy beach walking and sightseeing. Even the breezy wind feels so comforting there. When it comes to the sand, it is both soft and stunning. The only disappointment is that the coastline is not quite long, so it is considered not satisfying for those who want to explore it. As an alternative, tourists can simply enjoy water sports like swimming and snorkeling in the sea around the island.

The fact is that Lawang Island offers majestic underwater scenery as well. Some beautiful corals and tropical fishes are seen during snorkeling! Tourists even have the chance to take good pictures using an underwater camera. Later, near to the coast, they are able to see a group of dolphins playing around in the sea. However, these beautiful creatures only appear occasionally so tourists should come at the right time or depend on their luck to watch them.

Nearby Attractions
Sulat Island

How to Get There
From Mataram City, travelers need to get to East Lombok Regency first. The trip takes about 4 hours, actually. Later, they need to reach the local port to rent a boat as well. From the port, the next destination is Lawang Island, which may take several minutes. The distance between the port and the island is 3 km, after all.

Where to Stay
No hotels are available in Lawang Island

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