Dewi Selendang Waterfall in Bilok Petung Village, East Lombok Regency - Indonesia

Rinjani Mountain National Park is indeed famous among travelers due to its amazing nature and the presence of some wonderful waterfalls. Here is the reference. One of them is located in Bilok Petung Village and the name is Dewi Selendang Waterfall. The fact is that the locals have founded this stunning tourist object for a long time, but it becomes a new vacation spot for tourists recently. Another name of this beauty is Lokok Tanding Waterfall and some people still call it that way instead of the new name.

The Nuance
Some tourists might get interested in the name of the waterfall, actually. “Selendang” means shawl and “Dewi” means goddess. The locals named it that way due to its unique shape, which is similar to such object. Despite its short size, it features two waterfalls located next to each other and owns a beautiful pond under it. The depth of this natural pond is about 50 cm and the water feels so revitalizing as well. Near to the waterfall, several cliffs with rocky landscape reside beautifully and some trees and bushes grow around the site too, creating a comfy atmosphere.

Exploring Dewi Selendang Waterfall
The fact is that Dewi Selendang Waterfall is part of Sembalun Trail. Visitors usually take advantage of the falls for resting before going further ahead. Aside from resting, other reasons to visit the waterfall includes photography. Tourists are interested in its unique water flow patterns, which are similar to a shawl. Such dramatic sight definitely becomes a perfect background for photography. Therefore, everyone should never forget to carry a camera when visiting the site. Two small waterfalls reside on the place and they look so great, in fact.

The next charm is the presence of small pond under the waterfall. The water looks clear and peaceful, emitting a refreshing nuance. Even the color is beautiful, combining light green and Tosca color. For those who want to take a bath in it should pay attention to the current though. Also, do not forget to carry extra clothes before visiting the location. For families with kids, they need to supervise the children well and not let them get in the water carelessly.

The next thing to do in Dewi Selendang Waterfall is to explore the site wholeheartedly. Near to the location, tourists can find a good area for camping in fact. Not to mention everyone is allowed to build a tent on this spot and spend the night before conducting further adventure in the next day.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Mataram City, travelers need to spend a trip for about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Sembalun. Next, they can directly head to Bilong Petuk Village. The distance is 91.2 km and the best route to take is Raya Mataram – Raya Bayan Street. It can even be faster if they use a better vehicle and hire a tour guide when reaching the waterfall.

Where to Stay

  • Rudy’s Villa
  • Rinjani Lodge
  • Sembalun Agro Villa

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