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For those who look for a place for relaxing during a vacation in Lombok Island, Otak Kokok Joben Natural Bath definitely becomes a good recommendation. It belongs to East Lombok Regency and has been visited by both the locals and tourists regularly. That means the site is already famous amongst travelers! Not only it is because of the strategic location, which is part of Rinjani Mountain’s attractions, but the natural bath also offers comforting water that helps everyone to get rid of tiredness. In terms of name, Otak means head while Kokok means river.

The Nuance
Due to its popularity, the natural bath always has visitors every day. No wonder, tourists may find some locals regardless of the time when they visit the site. The most crowded time is perhaps either in the morning or afternoon as the water feels at its best with a refreshing sensation. Thanks to the source of the water coming from the mountain. Thus, no one has the doubt in its purity and freshness. Not to mention the route to get to the site and the facilities are considered easy and accommodating to tourists.

Exploring Otak Kokok Joben Natural Bath
There are two common activities to do in Otak Kokok Joben Natural Bath, including taking a bath and relaxation. As for the visitors, most of them are local families and tourists who come from other villages or regions. On the site, two ponds are available for both adults and kids. Also, it takes some money to enter the area. That means visitors need to pay the entrance fee prior to enjoying the freshness of such natural bath. Have no worries. The price is relatively cheap.

Before getting in Otak Kokok Joben Natural Bath, tourists should know the basic rule first. Importantly, they are not allowed to wear a swimsuit. It is because the locals retain their cultural value and prohibit such kind of modern culture. Another important info is related to the source of the water. It is said the natural bath gets its water from two waterfalls located near to the site. Somehow, they also become an attraction for visitors. Not to mention they can be a good background for photography.

After spending some time in the water, tourists can site on nearby “berugak” (gazebo) and relax there. Such site is suitable to enjoy snacks, foods, and drinks as well. While resting and feasting, they can even enjoy the mesmerizing view of nature ahead. This completes their vacation at that day and gives a memorable experience they never get before. As an alternative, they can continue the adventure and conduct trekking to Rinjani Mountain.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sendang Gile Waterfall
  • Tiu Kelep Waterfall

How to Get There
The prime checkpoint is Mataram City. From there, tourists can directly head to East Lombok Regency before heading to Joban. This trip only takes about 1 hours and 30 minutes as the distance is 44.1 km. As for the route, tourists can take Raya Mataram – Labuan Lombok Street. As an alternative, they can use Raya Mataram – Sikur Street.

Where to Stay

  • Mas Mas Bungalow
  • Holiday Resort Lombok
  • Aerotel Mandalika

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